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In this game you can play golf with a cannon. There is 18 different holes. Lakes, rivers, trees, rocks and wind is important part of the challenge in this game.

You have three different cannons, a small cannon that can shoot about 18 meters, a medium cannon that can shoot about 85 meters, and a large cannon that can shoot about 120 meters.

Mouse Control:

You can click on the buttons on the screen to move the camera, changes cannon type, measure distance to a certain location on the course, and you can fire the cannon.

You can also rotate the cannon by pressing the right mouse button and moving the mouse.

Keyboard Control:

  • WASD : Rotate cannon
  • Spacebar : Shoot (Hold down the button to gain power)
  • Arrow keys : Rotate camera
  • 1, 2, 3 : Change cannon (Small, medium and big cannon)
  • + / - : Lift camera up and down
  • H : Show or hide wind arrow
  • L : Find distance to a place on the course, (Hold down the button to increase distance)
  • Tab : Show or hide this Control Instruction
  • : Show or hide Hole Statistics
  • Escape : Close game

Good luck and have fun


Cannon Golf(Win64).zip 200 MB
Cannon Golf(Win32).zip 178 MB

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