A downloadable game for Windows

This is overall a simple little "point and click"-game, about the the Young Johansens disappearance. It's not a super polished game, but I still hope you will have some fun playing the game. Everything in the game is made doing the Unreal Mega jam. 

Known Bugs (that will be fixed after the jam)

- There is suppose to be 5 flowers in the bedroom, but for now is one of them hiding.


Movement: WASD

Rotation: Mouse

Interact: E or Left Mouse Button

Select dialog: Click with the mouse.

Quit the game: Alt+F4 (I Am sorry)

Good luck and have fun


JK5000_OutOfSpace37(Win64).zip 160 MB


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Pretty good job, I really liked the amount of effort you put into the voice acting and transtition. You guide the player pretty well and let them progress at their own pace. Like Cryptic_Hybrid already mentioned the amount of flowers don't add up and causes the game to break, which is a shame, because this is quite an enjoyable experience1

Thank you for playing my game. Year it's too bad with the bug, but okay it can be fixed, and I will make a improved version with a bit more story. And the reason for the flower bug, was a really dump and a bad last moment decision. 


Confused by this... <SPOILER WARNING> 

So, flowers, ducks, drinks, salary & boss' number. From my investigation the code should be 12 7 6 0 418 But it's not working. So either I missed something or.... 

Spoiler warning

You are super close, but there is 13 flowers.

I'm really not seeing 13. I see 3 in the bathroom, 4 in the bedroom, and 5 in the living room. :| 

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There shall be 5 in the bedroom, 3 in the bookcase and 2 on the desk.


But... but... :( 

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You are right, one of them on desk seems to be hiding. So this is one more thing to fix from the jam version of the game. I also need to add a lot to game later. But for now you have to live with there is 12 flowers, but the answer is still 13 in the code.