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Dear Employees

When you read this message I will be dead. So you will probably now be thinking who will be the rightful heir to my grant old hotel.

To be totally honest I don't think any of you will be a great hotel owner, but I have still decided to give you a chance to be the heir. So over the next 24 days you will compete to see who will be the best hotel owner. You will do this by in turns be responsible for the different functions in the hotel. Depending on what you manage to do in each job function you will earn some stars.

The one that have earned the most stars when 24 days has gone, will be the new owner of my hotel.

Good Luck

The Game

This is a small board game for 4 players. Rules is include in the game. 

The game is a very early prototype, and therefor expect a lot of changes.

Good luck and have fun


The Hotel Heir (win64).zip 188 MB

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