A downloadable game for Windows

This is a local multiplayer game for two players.  All you need to play the game is a windows computer and a keyboard. Instruction on how to play the game is included in the game.

The controls:

Player 1 (Blue):

- WASD to move around

- Spacebar to place bomb.

Player 2 (Green):

- Arrow keys to move around.

- CRTL to place bomb.

- R restarts the game.

- Escape quits the game/ Escape also skip the intro

- M toggle the music on/off

The game is made with

- Unreal Engine 4.21



- Inkscape

- Gimp

- Audacity.

Good luck and have fun.

Warning: This game is made for adults and it is not recommend for kids to play this game. 


The love war(Win32).zip 80 MB
The love war(Win64).zip 106 MB

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